Greater Kailash II Residential Colony was developed by DLF in the fifties. It has come to be regarded as one of the posh colonies of South Delhi. Somewhat undulating nature of topography lends a picturesque view, with a number of parks and open spaces for community purposes and houses imbibing the latest and many innovative architectural ideas. It represents a good example of urban planning without sacrificing the advantages of an open environment. The neighboring Jahanpanah forest is a boon to the morning walkers and nature lovers and serves as the lung of this area at a time when the city is reeling under a heavy air pollution bombardment. The colony is fortunate in having nine good parks with a lot of greenery and trees around.


The GK II Welfare Association supplements the efforts of developing & maintaining all the parks as this is a demand and expectation from the residents specially the senior one who find the parks an avenue foe exercise and socialising.


The residential area is divided into four blocks: E, M, Sand W which originally stood for the four directions but perhaps the division of the area may not truly conform to a factual direction. The Main market for the colony is in MBlock which stands for ‘Middle’ as there is also the middle residential area and this for an outsider can sometimes get confusing. There are smaller shopping centres in E-Block (Sehgal Markets 1 & 2) and S-Block (Chandan Market) and one in W Block which serve the requirements of daily needs of the residents. The Main market has now become a symbol of GK2 with outlets of a number of International Brands and many a Bar and Restaurant which beacons and attracts many from all across the city.


The Savitri complex which originally housed a cinema hall by this name is under re-orientation with a DT Cinema here, which is likely to be renamed PVR andvariety of shops & business houses, banks functioning in the complex.


The Welfare Association is trying its best to ensure that the new complex must have provision for sufficient parking space and that free flow of traffic is not obstructed.


The M Block market complex attracts residents from other colonies, business houses & tourists with a variety of Fine dining restaurants and Bars that cater to various tastes & styles.


All major Banks have their branches functioning besides other businesses. With the massive increase in commercial activity and a large inflow of Traffic, many proposals have been made to the MCD to provide underground parking and world standard toilets in the market.


The colony has a number of educational institutionsviz Don Bosco on Road No.1, K.R Mangalam World School in S-Block and BalwantRai Mehta School in W-Block, A few more schools have established in the nearby Alaknanda Complex and Masjid Moth.


Lest it should convey the impression that all is fine and posh in the colony, one needs to walk around its winding roads to discover that a lot needs to be done by the Municipal Corporation and the residents, to realise the tremendous potential of this colony by way of a clean and good atmosphere for its residents and to makethem proud of belonging to the GK II family.


The residents may keep it in mind that in November 2006, our colony was awarded a Certificate for winning the award for ‘Model Locality’ out of about 650 competing Colonies throughout the NCT of Delhi. This casts greater responsibility on the residents to maintain the status quo. One issue, which has to be constantly kept in mind by the residents, is to keep all surroundings neat and clean, free of any garbage, not allow water to flow to the roads & lanes, in fact conserve water & energy and park their cars in an organized way knowing that the space is shrinking till all house have stilt parking in their own plots.


The Colony now forms part of the Greater Kailash Constituency for Assembly configuration and Chirag Delhi Constituency for Municipal Elections. Presently, the colony falls in South Zone for the purpose of Municipal Corporation Administration.


Greater Kailash II Welfare Association formed over three decades ago, at the initiative of the residents, looks after their interests. It is hoped that it will succeed in its efforts to build a model colony and a happy integrated community.