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Circular No. 004/2015-17                                                              Dated June 13, 2015

Dear Fellow Residents,

Greetings of the day!

Here are some important announcements and information.

  1. Resident Care Number: We are pleased to announce Resident Care Number     +91 -85100 999 44 on Whatsapp, residents can receive Important Alerts / updates on their Whatsapp. Residents can also send their complaints ,which will be  forwarded  to the concerned authorities. 

All residents are requested to Add +91 85 100 999 44 to their  phone book and simply send a message from their  Whatsapp with their Name & Address. 

This would also help us update Resident details in  the upcoming ONLINE Directory on our website 

  1. Co-opted Members: We are pleased to announce induction of Mr. Rakesh Kumar , S-32 & Mr. Sanjay Rana , E -320 as Co-opted members to our Executive Committee. This decision was taken in the EC meeting held on May 11, 2015 and we welcome  them both on board. 
  1. Committees: We are pleased to attach a list of various committees constituted by us for various welfare activities of the Association .The committee members are all experts in their respective fields and we expect valuable inputs from them to make our programs vibrant and useful for the residents. The President and the General Secretary shall be the ex officio members of all the committees. All the committees are expected to commence their  work with  immediate effect.

A Council of Advisors comprising of senior active   Residents of the colony, has also been constituted to advise the Association from time to time on various key issues .This Council is expected to meet regularly and guide the core team of Association.

  1. Tennis Courts in S Block Park: A circular was issued By Mr J N Mathur on 9th June 2015 on the subject of S Block Tennis Courts .  An Emergency  meeting of the Executive Committee was called on June 9, to deliberate on the issue of this circular  and the consequences thereof  .The EC hereby confirms that the circular  was issued  by Mr Mathur  without consulting the EC ,purely in his personal capacity .And the contents therein , in no way represent the views of the Association . Further , the copy of the same circular has been published in the June issue of Samvada. Your association does not appreciate this and strongly condemns the action on the part of both, Samvada management and Mr Mathur .

A sub committee was constituted in the EC meeting to study the issue of Tennis Courts and report the findings in next two weeks .We shall revert on this issue with our views soon .

  1. Residents Directory2015: The Directory distribution work  has started and Residents are advised to contact their respective Block Secretaries to collect the same .
  1. The International Yoga Day shall be celebrated by the Association on Sunday, 21st June 2015 at M Block Tikona park from 7 AM onwards. We are inviting some Yoga experts on the occasion. Please do join us in big numbers .
  1. CCTV Cameras:  Police has advised the residents to install CCTV cameras outside their houses for better security .At least there should be one such camera installed in each lane .You may contact us for more details .
  1. W Block Road Issue: Though the issue is sub judice presently, we are trying to meet our area leaders and the concerned authorities along with other effected Associations, to find out the best solution to the traffic and other problems caused to our residents due to the newly constructed Road Divider ..

We look forward to receiving your valuable suggestions and feedback  from time to time.


Ashok Puri                                                                                  J N Mathur
President                                                                                    General Secretary


RWA/GK-II/New Delhi – 2015
Sl. No. Name of the Committee Chairman Co-Chairman Convener Members
1 Legal Mr. Ashok Gulati Mr P P Gambhir Mr Sumit Chander Mr Neeraj Choudhry /Mr. Rajiv Grover/Mr. Sanjay Rana/ Mr. Samit Arora/ Mr. Ajay Malhotra
2 Health & Wellness Dr. S. Lakhotia Mr. Sanjay Rana Dr Anshuma Gupta Ms. Nirmal Mukherjee/ Ms. Meena Rao/ Mr. Bindra/ Mr. Ajay Malhotra/ Mr. Babbal Khosla/Mr Ashwani Kapoor
3 Communication/Media/IT Mr. Kulbhusan Mr. Rajiv Kumar Mr. Rajiv Grover Prabir Haldar/Ms. Saloni/ Mr. Samit Arora/ Ms. Jyoti Rana
4 Rain Water Harvesting & Drainage system Mr. V. K. Gauba Mr. Shadi Lal Sharma Mr. Ashwani Kapoor Mr. G. K. Singh (Toni)/ Mr. Pradeep Chandra/Mr Prabir Haldar/ Mr Balaji
5 Directory Ms. Indra Arora Mr. V. K. Gauba Mr. Kulbhusan Ms. Jyoti Rana/ Mr. Pradeep Chandra/ Mr. G. K. Singh/ Ms. Ashwani Kapoor/ Mr. Samit Arora/ Mr. Rajiv Grover
6 Sanitation, Sewerage & Waste Management Mr. Rakesh Kumar Mr. Vaibhav Kapani Ms. Vandana Ahluwalia Dr. Anshuma Gupta/ Mr. Prabir Haldar/ Ms. Anita Katpalia/ Mr. Balaji
7 Horticulture Mr Sushil Gupta Mr. Ashwani Kapoor Ms. Indra Arora Mr. Prabir Haldar/ Mr. G. K. Singh (Toni)/ Mr. Vineet Gupta/ Ms. Varsha Arora/ Mr. Pawan Goyal/ Ms. Saloni/Mr Ashok Anand E 57
8 Sports & Youth Affairs (Including Tennis courts) Mr. Sanjay Rana Mr. Samit Arora Mr. Rakesh Kumar Mr. Rajiv Grover/Mr. Vineet Gupta/Mr. Bindra/ Mr. Vaibhav Kapani/ Mr. Pawan Goyal/ Mr. Babbal Khosla/ Ms. Kanika Gangahar
9 Cultural Affairs including Festivals Ms. Meena Gangahar Ms. Meena Kapoor Mr. Babbal Khosla Ms. Deepa Mittal/Ms. Varsha Arora/Ms. Indra Arora/ Ms. Meena Rao/ Mr. Ajay Malhotra/ Ms. Jyoti Rana/ Mr. Pawan Goyal/ Ms. Kanika Gangahar/ Mrs Sangeeta Kaushik
10 Traffic Management Mr. A. K. Gupta Mr. Rajiv Kumar Mr Ashwani Kapoor Mr. Samit Arora/ Mr. Sudhakar Chaudhary/ Mr. Vineet Gupta/Mr Umesh Kaushik/Mr Prabir Haldar
11 Security Mr. S. S. Gera Mr. Vineet Gupta Mr. Vaibhav Kapani Ms. Deepa Mittal/ Mr. Samit Arora/ Mr. G. K. Singh (Toni)/ Mr. Rajiv Grover
12 School Affairs Ms. Rina Puri Ms. Anita Katpalia Mr. Balaji Dhar Ms. Deepa Mittal/Mr. Ashwani Kapoor/ Mr. Prabir Haldar/ Mr. Ajay Malhotra
13 Commercialization & Encroachments Mr. Sanjay Rana Mr P P Gambhir Mr. Sumit Chander Mr. Rakesh Kumar/ Mr. Rajiv Grover/ Ms. Nirmal Mukherjee/Ms. Ashwani Kapoor/ Mr. Vineet Gupta/ Mr. Vinod Bindra
14 Special Pograms , Seminars /Lectures, Spl Guests Mr S L Sharma Mr Rajiv Kumar Mr Vineet Gupta Mrs Nirmal Mukherji /Mr Rajiv Grover /Mr Pradip Chandra /Mr Amit Jain /Mr Shadiram Sharma
14 Senior Citizens Mr V K Gauba Mrs Nirmal Mukherjee Mrs Meena kapoor Mrs Suman Chitkara/Mrs Sneh Gauba/Mrs Indra Arora/Mr Ashwani Kapoor
15  Women’s Affairs Ms. Neelam Sehgal Mrs Anita Katpalia Mrs Abha Kumar Ms. Varsha Arora/ Ms. Meena Rao/ Ms. Indra Arora/ Mr. Babbal Khosla/ Mrs Alka Pathak/ Mrs Anju Sehgal Gupta/Mrs Vandana Ahluwalia


Council of Advisors: Mr. A. P. Sarin, Mr. C. L. Lamba, Col. Rajender Kumar, Mr. L. R. Agrawal, Mr. M. L. Sharma, Mr. M. K. Menon, Mr. Narender Bhai, Mr. O. P. Vasudeva, Mr. Rajnish Goenka, Mr. S. P. Anand, Mr. S. S. Gera, Mr. S. L. Sharma, Mr. Sunil Magan, Mr Vijay Bhalla, Mr M P Singh

Circular No. 004/2015-17