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Circular No. 016/2015-17

Dear Fellow Residents …Naming of the W Block Park…

Samvad says it all


We are giving you four options as name to this park … 1. Dr Abdul Kalam Park.

2.Sardar Patel Park. , 3-Swami Vivekananda Park .. 4…Subhash Chander Bose Park.

Please tick on one option and send back to us. The name suggested by the majority will be pursued by us with the authorities. At no cost we will let this park become a Samadhi of an individual on the strength of money and power. The consent of residents cannot be ignored and undermined as it has been done in this case.

ASHOK PURI                                                                     JATINDER MATHUR
President, GKIIWA                                                          Gen Secy., GKIIWA

Circular No. 016/2015-17