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Circular No. 019-1/2015-17 Dated: May 15, 2016

Dear Residents,


Between our earlier circular dated 4th May-where we had mentioned in detail the pending worksin the colony- and this one, we have virtually transformed the functioning of and the response therein, of the Welfare Association.

For the first time in the history of the GK 2 Welfare Association, we have had a wonderful and most fruitful meeting on 7th May 2016 at the Arya Samaj Mandir, between a large cross section of Residents and Senior Officers/Officials of various Departments of the Government of Delhi, with whom we had needed to interact, to press our pending grievances and issues, organised with the help of our MLA    Shri. Saurabh Bharadwaj.

The Departments adequately represented were, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation BSES, Delhi Jal Board, Delhi Police Chitranjan Park, Delhi Traffic Pollee SangamVihar circle, Delhi Waste Management of South Delhi Municipal Corporation, PWD, IGL etc.

The representatives of the South Delhi Municipal Corporation and those who look after the work in the GK 2 area, were conspicuously. Absent from this meeting.

The parameters of the meeting were clearly defined in the beginning, as per the needs of the works required to be completed in the colony by the Office bearers of the Welfare Association. The MLA at the outset, requested all the representatives to diligently listen to the grievances of the Residents and try and find solutions in a time frame manner. ‘The time frame was defined with the addressability of the task with the outer limit of 3 months, where it was decided that the Association and the Representatives along with the MLA will meet once again to review the progress of the developmental issues.

The Welfare Association expresses its deep gratitude to all who attended the meeting and following a Business like atmosphere during the meeting and finally its appreciation of the commitment made by those concerned.

Several Departments had made elaborate Power Point presentations about their projects for GK2. The Minutes of the Meeting has been prepared and the following’ is the diligence required as per the task stated.

The Welfare Association takes up on itself the responsibility of ensuring that all the Developmental issues mentioned herewith (pl also see last circular) will be taken up seriously and completed in the shortest time frame.

DELHI METRO RAIL CORPORATION Ms Papiya Sarkar-Chief Architect 9810069620 & Mr R. K. Sinha Deputy Chief 9650931898 Mrs. M. Yadav Project Manager-9810093261 & their team attended the meeting.

  1. Delhi Metro informed thatthe Metro Station name is Greater Kailash
  2. Ms Sarkar informed about the traffic inflow & outflow process designed for the Greater Kailash Metro Station. There was lot of discussion by the, residents on the probability of traffic jams in & around Greater Kailash Metro Station. The Residents of GK2 expressed their deep concerns about the footfall of some 40,000 commuters likely to use this station. They were of the opinion that on the ‘side of the stationskyways/walkways/tunnels be built to disperse commuters coming from and going to neighboring colonies such as GK3, C.R.Park and Alaknanda. Savitri entry/exit alone, cannot take the burden of some 5000 commuters an hour during peak hour.
  3. MLA announced to sort out the issue of this Metro Station he asked GK2WA to nominate 3 /4 members to sort this out.
  4. MLA also confirmed that he will form committee from other near RWAs to sort out the issues related to Traffic Jams at Greater Kailash Metro Station.
  5. Metro Feeder Service from & via Greater Kailash-II was also agreed by Delhi Metro.

INDRAPRASTHA GAS LIMITED-Arjun Saikia-Deputy Manager-Marketing 8826317143 with his team attended

  1. Residents’ of S Block & W-Block GK2 will be given connection by 30thJune’2016 positively.
  2. A camp for PNG Connections to S-Block GKII will be held at GK2 on 14th May 8, 2016 & 15th May.
  3. For the Road Restoration they informed that South Delhi Municipal Corporation will be requested to restore the places where IGL did the road cutting since all Road Cutting Charges are deposited in Advance.

PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT-MAINTANENCE Mr.R.S.Garg Executive Engineer 98186 56184 & Mr. R. K. Khurana, Asstt. Engg. 9873775445 & his team attended the meeting

  1. PWD announced that 3.13 crore of road resurfacing will start the re-surfacing of the roads under PWD charge & will be completed by 30thJune’2016.
  2. PWD’ officials also announced that the tender procedure for damaged footpaths is also completed. 3. PWD officials also confirmed that all damaged footpaths will be completed by 30thJune’2016.
  3. The Table Top at Traffic Signals was also confirmed that Table Top in whole Greater Kailash-II & Alaknanda area will be laid once approved by Traffic Police of SangamVihar Traffic Circle. The MLA made another physical round of GK2 with representatives of the WA and the said permission has already come for the work.
  4. A few signages were requested by GKII RWA , MLA Mr Saurabh Bharadwaj immediately accepted & asked PWD officials to confirm the location & place all these new signages by 30thJune’2016 on Roads 1,5 and 7. The WA is adding the issue of Waste paper baskets along with signages.

PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT-ELECTRICAL: Mr Manoj K.Gupta Executive Engineer 9811590882’&  Mr. Uttam Chand Asstt. Engg. 9810553366 & his team attended the meeting. 

  1. For the stretch from W-Block to Gate No 1 Jahanpanah City Forest additional street lights poles • Will be installed by PWD within next 15 days. New LED/ Sodium fittings will be placed on the existing old poles.
  2. Street Lighting will be strengthened by 30thJune’2016


Mr. Lahiri Shankar Deputy Director 92122 33444 & his team attended the meeting 

  1. Wherever tree pruning is required the PWD-Hort. will do so as soon as requested by electrical deptt.


 Mr. Vinod Kapil 9311352635 & Mr. P. C. Pathak 9312782422 attended the meeting 

  1. BSES Rajdhani on their part confirmed of doing away with the phasing out of Overhead cables with underground cables.
  2. Street Light Poles will be painted shortly.
  3. Sub stations in GK2 will be repaired to take. The summer loads.

DELHI JAL BOARD:  Alok Jain 9650291526, Mr. Dheeraj – 9650288329 & Mr. Sandip Kumar 9650.303336 

  1. DJB confirmed that sewer maintenance wherever is required will be done on priority. 2: Main Sewer Tron” line needs deep cleaning, will also be completed by 30thJune’2016. 3. Special Camp for Billing/Revenue will be held at GK2 at the convenient day for the GK2 WA.


  1. Traffic Police confirmed of geeting the Traffic singals repaired immediately.
  2. For Table Top Approval Traffic Police confirmed of inspection within 48 hours. This has already been done.

DELHI POLICE – CHITTRANJAN PARK POLICE STATION – Manish Kumar Sub Inspector- 9868213604 attended

  1. Delhi Police confirmed of strengthening the Beat Patrolling & also designing the One Way Entry & Exit after 11.00 p.m. to 05.00 a.m. in the morning. Meeting between GK2WA and police has already taken place.

Mr Saurabh Bharadwaj (96542 78911) also announced that the timeliness given by the Departments will be followed up by the concerned Deptt along with WA & concerned officials will meet again exactly after 90 days to check the veracity of the claims.

In the last few days Executives of the Welfare Association have held meetings in the Police Station at Chittaranjan Park for the barricades to be installed at the entry and exit points of the colony and how to ensure their viability. A meeting has also taken place with the Kabadiwalas who have been given identity cards to move around in the colony. The police have been told to ensure that these Kabadiwalas meet the requirements set by the WA and also wear a jacket which has been specially given to them by the Welfare Association for the easy identification. These are small but pertinent changes of visibility around you, where we are concerned about your Safety and security. This will an ongoing process and we hope that in due course of time we are able to devote more attention to detail to make things better around you. Talks ar.-: also on for a good Waste Management system, which we hope will be in place in a short time. Talks are also on with the various teams of garbage collectors in the different blocks of the colony so that there is a unified approach and command and fee for collection. As soon as this is formalised, we will communicate it to you. Efforts are also on to talk to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation for the opening of the Tennis courts in which case we are wanting to have a transparent and honest commitment. At the moment there is a Vigilance enquiry into the dealings in the past.

Once the Signages are installed there will be a visible change in the colony. Some residents are claiming to have had a hand in the closurer of the Tandoors in Chandan Market. We applaud their contribution in making the colony cleaner and safer and would welcome their weighted inputs for the cleansing of the two Seghal Markets and particularly the M Block Market, where large scale encroachments has taken place. As a result there are constant traffic jams in front of the Mother Dairy. We wonder what the         M Block Market Association is doing. May we also take this opportunity of clarifying a deliberate misunderstanding being created in the public by those who call themselves representatives of Federation of GK2 RWA’s. Our Association, the GK 2 Welfare Association has no truck with this Federation and we are happy to represent the Real body of the Residents of GK 2. Since we are not a part of this Federation, how can this body represent us in meetings with senior people in the Government and the Press. Let us make it clear that we got elected on the plank of CHANGE, change which is represented by: transparency, honesty and sincerity of purpose and we assure the Residents that we will continue to do work/service with this in mind, for the rest of our FULL TERM, despite various pressures from various quarters and mis-reporting in local magazines and newspapers. We thank you all and each one of you for reposing the trust in US and assure you that, a little more time you will see the CHANGE around you. We are committed to make this Colony a safe and happy place for all the Residents.

Best Wishes.

Ashok Puri(President) • Jatinder Mathur(Gen Secretary) • Rajiv Kumar(Vice President) • Vaibhav Kapani(Vice President) • Rajiv Grover(Treasurer) • Indra Arora(Jt. Gen Secy)

Circular No. 019-1/2015-17