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Circular No. 019/2015-17 Dated: May 4, 2016

Dear Residents,


It has been sometime since we communicated with you although we have met Residents at a series of Social Events and Illustrated Talks specially crafted for you. The last Social event was the Holi Milan which was attended by over 350 young and Senior Residents who enjoyed the Music, Food and Fellowship. Following this was the special Talk by Dr. B. Roy Choudhary, the Diabetes expert who guided fellow Residents on how to control their lives, lifestyle and live without the fear of Type I and II Diabetes. We hope you benefited from these activities.

In the same  spirit, we have arranged a Special meeting with our MLA Shri Saurabh Bharadwaj, along with Senior Officers/Officials from all the Departments that we would need to interact with, such as DJB, SDMC, Police, BSES, DMRC, Forest, PWD etc. on this SATURDAY May 7th from 10 am to Noon at the ARYA SAMAJ MANDIR in GK2.

We expect that you will take out time and join the Welfare Association in this worthy interaction, where you could listen to the concerned Officers/Officials and pose your queries which effects your life in your colony.

We are looking for Solutions to our common problems and want certain actions taken that will make our lives better and safer.

Some key areas and problems are listed below:

Law and Order in GK 2

In this meet Police Officers will be asked to take a special look at all the entry and exit points of GK2 where boom barriers could be installed for security. All CCTV cameras where ever installed, should be made operational and if need be more should be installed for total coverage and security. There have been many thefts in the last few weeks of cars in the colony.  You may have specific questions or suggestions.

Pruning of Trees

The Deputy Conservator of Forests along with his team will be answering questions on the pruning of Trees -light pruning, heavy pruning and head back. Dead trees could  be identified so that there is adequate attention for the same for safety all  around.

 Roads- Internal and PWD.

Since PWD Officers will be at the meet, we will apprise them of the unfinished task of Road No.1 and Road No.5 where concrete has to be put on the sides of the roads. This has been pending for over 2 years. The internal roads are badly damaged and are in shambles and most of them require heavy repairs and new metalling. The SDMC Officers who will be attending the meet will be requested to urgently take note of this and find solutions.


The Officers of the Horticulture Department of SDMC will be asked to look into the inadequacy of the Mali’s designated for the parks as well as look into  the shortage of plants, manure, water, grass and ensure that all are available as per the requirement. Emphasis will also be laid on the maintenance of the Gardens and the Walkways ensuring their cleanliness in the morning and evening, when residents visit the parks.

Storm Water Drains_

Since the Rains are around the corner their de-silting is required which has not happened for a long time. Attention also needs to be paid to the manholes so that covers are properly placed. The drains aught to be cleaned in time before the rains.


With the Officers of the Delhi Jal Board, the Residents can clear the queries about new connections / old connections, pending water bills, faulty meters and inflated bills. We would request these Officers to look at the entire water situation/supply/distribution and assess the future need, with new residential areas like Queens and Kings Courts coming up amidst us.


A separate desk will be created for the issues related to IGL While we thank our MP Mrs Meenakshi Lekhi, for the initiative of bringing domestic gas to our colony, Residents of W and S Block are unhappy that the permission for the digging of the gas pipelines in these two blocks has not been finalised for lack of proper co-ordination between the SDMC and IGL. A clarity of position will be available on this issue on the spot. Residents who have complaints with regard to IGL issues like inflated bills, faulty metering, no connection, release of connections, non- encashment of cheques issued by residents yet not converted into connections, can all be addressed on the spot.

Mobile and Broadband

Service providers usually do not adequately inform the Association and the public about digging contracts and the length of time that the project is likely to take, causing immense harassment to the public, inconvenience and often resulting in dangerous situations arising out of dug up pits. The dug up areas are also not properly patched up after the work is finished. Residents are also concerned about the Mobile towers and the effects of radiation.  These issues will be taken up.


The proposed Metro Station coming up opposite Savitri flyover with an entry and exit next to Savitri complex, which will be single in nature, for the neighboring colonies of GK3, GK 2, C.R Park, GK 4, Alaknanda,  is bound to lead to chaotic traffic situations and movement of a large public.

We will be looking for solutions that helps dissipate the likely mess. We will get to understand the real situation and what best can be done to save GK2 from becoming a thoroughfare for our neighboring colonies. So far we have all been in the dark. We will be suggesting overhead walkways to carry the public to different directions for movement from and to other colonies, against keeping only one entry and exit at Savitri.


Just to apprise you of the involvement of the Welfare Association in the Developmental work taken up in the last one year.

  • For over 3 years, some 350 applications for the pruning of trees in various parks and streets of the colony were pending. These were taken note of seriously and most of the cases have been resolved. Some 63 trees were pruned in Sehgal-1 Market alone and the rest in front of the houses in the various blocks. Thousands of saplings, of a variety of plants, many flower ones, were obtained and provided for planting in various parks in the colony.
  • The MLA Mr. Saurabh Bhardwaj was convinced, to allocate out of his MLA LAD funds, a sum for the installation of Rainwater Shelters, Children’s Swings and Open Gyms in all the parks of our colony. SDMC has already received these funds, in most cases execution is pending.
  • In M Block, both residential and commercial, the Main Sewage Pipeline was repaired spending some Six Lakhs Rupees and adequately cleaned twice, by the help of the Super Sucker.
  • Action was also recommended against Restaurants who have not installed Grease Traps and ETP’s.
  • For the last 2 years Road No. 7 in W Block was facing a peculiar problem of a damaged water pipeline. The Residents tried their best to get this repaired but when the matter was reported to the Welfare Association the General Secretary took it upon himself to get the work done which had caused the waterline to be contaminated by the sewer line. The work was eventually done with the intervention of none other than the Chief Minister of Delhi, the concerned Minister and the Vice Chairman of the Delhi Jal Board. In some cases such intervention at the top level has become the norm, which is very unfortunate.
  • Similarly a water pipeline rupture in the Central Park had inundated the two walkways and kept the people in the park from their daily walks for almost 15 days. A number of complaints to the Councillor and repeated reminders resulted in the repairs.
  • Street lights have found a switch-over from the yellow Sun lamps to white and brighter This is a welcome change and the credit for this certainly goes to the Councillor. We hope that the pending lights will also find this change. At some Crossings, more than one light is required and this we hope, the officials will take note of. There are still some Dark areas, and the Councillor has been repeatedly reminded about the stretch from the electric sub-station in front of W-1 along the Central Park till the market behind Dominos. This is really a dark and treacherous stretch. The Beat Police has also been repeatedly informed that many people throng this area late in the evening and create a ruckus there and carry out Anti social activities.
  • Rakesh Gullaiya in his Janata Durbar on 29th April in the Central Park has promised a sum of Five Lakhs Rupees for the issue of Signages.
  • The Welfare Association is very strongly committed to put up good SIGNAGES in every Street and corner of the colony. Many guests who visit the colony find it very difficult to find the addresses. Some designs have been finalized for the fabrication of the Signages and the MLA has also promised that if the SDMC gives a budgeted account of the cost involved, he would be to happy to contribute for the same from his funds.
  • Bhardwaj has been reminded many times that a large Signage, across the road, which is the entry point to GK 2, must be put up, as many cars wanting to travel to Nehru Place mistakenly enter the GK2 divider and then cause a traffic chaos. We hope this would be done very soon, the job is to be executed by the PWD.
  • The PWD has also been reminded about the mess that has been created with the unfinished work of the road divider in the road leading to Alaknanda. Not only is this stretch badly lit but also difficult to cross as has broken pieces of dividers lay strewn all over. This has caused many an accident and traffic chaos.
  • The Welfare Association is working on a concerted campaign and is about to begin the cleaning of the back lanes. Very soon contract will be given to some people to clear the back lanes of all the Blocks. Residents are reminded that any repair work in their houses should not result in Malba being thrown in the back lanes. May we remind all our Residents that washing of cars on the streets should be stopped.
  • The Welfare Association has proposed boom barriers at entry and exit points of the colony. The local Police need to immediate taken action. Many cars have been stolen from various blocks in the last few weeks.
  • DMRC- The Welfare Association is deeply concerned about the Metro Station which is coming across the Savitri flyover with a single entry and exit near the Savitri Cinema .DMRC Officers will be apprised of the Deep apprehensions of the residents of GK 2 and request them to find solutions to disperse the population of the neighboring colonies, through overhead walkways. The entry at Savitri Cinema is already overloaded and will not be able to take the burden of the metro commuters and allied issues.
  • WA Directory – work on the new Directory is under way Residents are requested to update their latest contact details along with their E-mail ID‘s and Whatsapp Numbers. This information may be sent to the Gk2WA website or office.

You are kindly requested to join us this SATURDAY May 7th, 2016. from 10 am to Noon at the ARYA SAMAJ MANDIR in GK2 and be a part of the CHANGE that we are contemplating, for making GK2 a Better and Secure place.

Change can only come with YOUR active participation. We have a long way to go. We have many Plans.

Ashok Puri (President), Rajiv Kumar (Vice President), Vaibhav Kapani (Vice President), J.N Mathur (Gen. Secy.), Indra Arora (Jt. Gen. Secy.), Rajiv Grover (Treasurer)

Circular No. 019/2015-17