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Circular No. 023/2015-17 Dated: Jyly 18, 2016

Dear Residents,

A few days back we had received an anonymous circular titled


Initially, we thought of not responding to this rather loaded ANONYMOUS

Circular, assuming this to be an attempt by some disgruntled persons with defeatist approach, but regular persuasion by a group of residents induced us to respond.

Our response is as under…

. We have always tried to follow the system and the WA Constitution in letter and spirit.

. Right from the date of filling of the nomination papers during the last elections, to scrutiny by the Election Officers, Election process, and handling over the charge, We all know what system was followed. The charge was handed over to us, that too partially, after one month of our election. As per the rules the complete charge needs to be handed overwithin 15 days.

. We ask is there any Position of GROUP OF CHAIRMAN in the Constitution??


Then who have been flouting the Constitution?? And who has been representing the WA as President of the Federation of GK2 RWA’s

Pl judge for yourself.

. Even the last RWA had their office in the basement of THE Then President  and not at the General Secretary’s Residence.

Why so much noise is being made now??

If we say more on the subject, we shall be hitting below the belt, like our detractors are trying to do. Hence, we refrain to say more.

. Like any other Residents / Professional, our General Secretary also Travels out of town as part of his Professional commitments.

Despite that, as a committed WA Executive, he has never shirked from his responsibilities and he has always been available to solve the problems of the Residents in a proactive manner and help them, even while not in Station.

We do have many more issues to be shared with the Residents, which we shall share as and when the situation demands.

. We appeal to the Residents to wait for our Annual Report before the AGM to judge for themselves the amount of efforts that have been put in so far by us as a GROUP.

. We also APPEAL to you to attend the AGM in large nos. to ensure that no RUCKUS is created by a few disgruntled elements.

May we also add that all good things take time to be implemented. So far we have been spending time on correcting the earlier system to bring about transparency and accountability.

Further -:

We are now going to work out a Plan for making GK2.. a model colony having Perfect Security Systems, maintenance of Parks, Providing Sports for Kids…Youth…and others, Beautification of GK2, Better Services for the Residents. Cleaner Backlanes, overhaul of the present water and sewage system check on encroachments, augmentation of the present rain water harvesting system RWH, a better Waste Management System, Manned check posts at entry and exit points Experts are being approached to prepare a comprehensive report on the above. We assure you that we are committed to change for the better give us a little more time and we will prove it that it can be done.

Help us to help you.


Ashok Puri    Jatinder N. Mathur     Rajiv Kumar & Vaibhav Kapani

(President)   (General Secretary)            (Vice Presidents)

Circular No. 023/2015-17