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Circular No. 024/2015-17 Dated: July 24, 2016

Annual Report 2015-16

Dear Members,

I am delighted to have the opportunity of presenting my first Annual General Report for the year 2015- 2016. It has been a momentous year for us in terms of the Agenda of CHANGE which we had initiated just before we took charge.

There may be many achievements and some shortcomings also.

You will agree with me that the whole Colony was looking forward to the coming of the piped gas in our homes this was a long standing demand and a lot of work had done before we took charge, but it was due to our persistence that finally gas has come to 2 blocks and digging is on for the remaining two blocks. During this digging period there is inherent problems in back lanes which we hope will be looked into in the coming weeks.

There has been a lot of development in the pruning of trees as this was a major concern and deficiency. This has been done after a long time. Most of the parks have been beautified, huge number of plantations have taken place the parks are more lively and green and more comfortable with added amenities like new benches open gyms better walkways enclosures for those who would like to play games so that the others are not disturbed or unduly hurt with a hurtling football etc.

We have initiated the process of SIGNAGES in our Colony. Our team went across the entire Colony pinpointing the location where these would be put up, so that people visiting our colony find it easy to reach the addresses. Shortly a tender would be out by the Public Works Department and we hope that before the summer is over the colony would have beautiful signages all around to make life easier for us.

A lot of effort has gone into the DIGITAL process and emphasis on Honesty and Transparency. Our Website is now alive with reportage of all events that have taken place at regular intervals in the last one year. We have brought about Good Fellowship amongst our Residents calling all people together, as a Family. We have spent a lot of time into making accounting a transparent phenomena and this will go a long way for us to have transparent Accounts in the years to come.

Our efforts at organizing Events is a long list. We had many successful Events for Good Fellowship and we are proud that the Residents and Members of the Welfare Association have immensely enjoyed being a part of these events.

We have attach a long list of our involvement during the year. The list also includes those projects which are in the pipeline and which would bear fruit in the months to come.


(From May 2015 to July 2016)

The Welfare Association Team was very active from the beginning of their Term. With CHANGE in mind as an AGENDA philosophy, it designed and crafted social events and service issues, for the Welfare of the Residents. Good Fellowship, Respect and Regards for each other, were the guiding principles. The Association wants a Safer, Cleaner & Secure Environment for All of us.

1. Camp for registration with IGL (Beginning of connections for E- Block) 19.05.2015

2. International Yoga Day Celebration                                                                           21.05.2016
(Large gathering of residents at Tikona Park for Yoga Session)

3. Camp for Health Checkup (First foray into social activities)                          23.05.2015 & 24.05.15

4. Live Fellowship Show of IPL Final match May-June 2015
(First Gathering of its kind at the skating Rink)

5. Camp for Property Tax Collection (Many Residents took benefit of this camp) 13.06.2015

6.Taking out Gk2 Times News Letter in June 2015 for the First Time             June 2015

7. Function to Pay Tribute to late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Ji President of India 02.08.2015

8. 69TH Independence Day Celebrations
(Gala Show with dances from local & Punjabi Academy)                                      15.08.2015

9. Raahgiri’ around M-block, Main Road
(First of its kind in the Colony when people enjoyed the freedom of lazy movement on the streets of GK-II)

10. Karwa Chauth Mela- a special daylong event for the ladies (First of its Kind in the Colony) 29.10.2015

11. Mohammad Rafi Night- a musical live show
Residence enjoyed immensely (For the First time In the Colony).              31.10.2015

12. Christmas Day Celebrations W-Block park (With Live Band) For 1ST Time in the Colony 25.12.2015

13. Registration of Kabardiwalas & Distribution of ID card
to them along with Jacket with logo of GK2WA on it.

14.  Bridge Tournament for Sr. Citizens at Jahapanah Club. 25.12.2015

15.  Vriksharopan Diwas (Plantation Drive in various Parks of GK2)

16.  Lohri Celebration with Snacks (Live DJ Music M-block Tikona Park)
Around four hundred residents young & old enjoyed the event immensely)                       13.01.2016

17.  Annual Sports Day healed at K.R.Manglam School ground 14.02.2016
An annual feature continued for many years

18.  Holi Milan (with Herbal Gulal ) at M-Block 24.03.2016
(With Live DJ band three hundred fifty residents young & old enjoyed the event)

19.  An Illustrated Talk by Expert Dr. Biswaroop, To Cure Diabetes without Medicines. 24.04.2016

20.  Paryavaran World Environment Day (In Collaboration with Arya Samaj Mandir G.K-II)

21.  Samvad Se Samadhan’organised thru MLA And co-ordinated with following agencies 07.05.2016

(a) PWD (b) BSES (c) IGL (d) D.J.B (e) Horticulture Deptt. (f) Delhi Police (Traffic) (g) DMRC

(First of its Kind in the Colony ever where at one time Officer / Officials of the above local Govt. Department collected at one spot to here and find solutions of the Residents of GK-II)

22.  Property Tax Collection Camp for 2016-                                                      12.06.2016
Hundreds of Residents to advantage of the camp at Arya Samaj Madir)

23.  Cancer Awareness & Early Detection Camp With the help of MAX Hospital
(Specially for Ladies nearly a hundred Residents attended the camp)                                      18.06.2016

24.  a) Camp for Interaction with Delhi Jal Board (organised Thru MLA,   16.07.2016
for Jal Board) Billing problem was shorted out for the Residents

b) Camp for Aadhaar Cards-many residents to advantage of this camp 07.2016

Activities undertaken

In the last year (May 2015 to till date)

1. Through D.JB

a) Clogged Sewerage line, located in M- Block, got cleaned,(Using super – suckers for first Time, Only 2 nos. such machines are available)
b) Sewerage line from M- Block market to Savitri Cinema Complex got repaired at a Approx cost of Rs. 6.00 Lacs.
c) Damaged water line in W-Block, a source of contamination since long, got repaired with the intervention of very Sr. officials / politicians.
d) Supply of water Tankers to Residents, (during water crises in recent past) individuals provided help on call.
e) Followed up with D.J.B,Pollution Control Board and Delhi Policeto enforce Restaurants to install Grease- Traps.

2. Through Horticulture Deppt.(MCD & PWD, Forest Deppt.) Pruning of trees, more than 600 nos. taken up, at this scale not done since last 4-5 Years. Along this, specific request from Residents got implemented thru the above agencies.

3. Street Lights

All street lights in the colony were got changed to new and brighter LED, Through the office of MLC.

4. DMRC (Issue of Metro Station at Savitri ) Taken up in Samvaad – Se Samadhan and other forums, right upto the level of M.P of our area. DMRC and PWD haveyet to respond, due to limitation of space on the road and cost involved.

5. a) Shifting of Airtel’s Telephone exchange from S- Block (Residential area) to M-Block, Commercial Area(With the Support of Residents) b) Stalling of augmentation of Airtel Tower in S- Block.De -stalling of new mobile cell tower in E- block. (All above received tremendous support from Residents)

6. Development of Parks

Even our detractors would probably agree on this count that never ever the parks, without exception looked better in the past. Collectively, considering all parks, about 10,000 sappling wer got planted with the active participation of Resident and support of Horticulture Deptt. (MCD)

a) Other activities undertaken in the Parks are as under.

a) Installation of Open Gym in M-Block (Tikona Park)
b) Installation of High Mask light in M-Block (Tikona Park)
c) Installation of Chain fencing girls to segregate (7ft ht) Play area from sitting/ walking area in M-Block (Tikona Park)
d) Installation and relocation of ornamental lights (M-Block (Tikona Park)

b) In S-Block Park (near S.D Temple & K.R Manglam School.)

a) Installation of Chain -grill steel fenang to segregate Play Area for Children from walking and sitting area for Sr. Citizen, Thru MCD.
b) Installation/ replacement of Defunct ornamental lights (24 nos.)after a gap of 5 years, Through MCD. c) Provision of 20 new concrete benches.
c) Plantation of 5520 saplings

c) In E- Block (Sehgal Market No.2)

Modification / revamping of this of this park, with very active participation, included MCD to undertakea complete overhaul of sitting area, light, plantation. It has now become a bench mark for the colony.

d) E- BLOCK (Sehgal Market No-1) Maintenance, repainting of grills, sitting Area, greenery and flowers are a source of happiness and fellowship to allResidents. It is always bubbling with social activities with active participation of Residents, & RWA members.

e) Central Park (W&S Block) Though initially we were apprehensive and did not like the way it was renamed as “DhruvBatra Park” but none can deny the change over brought in by the coordination of MCD with Batra family.And follow up by RWA & Residents. Walk ways have been redone. Scenic beauty and greenery is an increase is surely must frequented park in the morning.

7. PNG Piping by IGL

  • Work completed in E & M Blocks by IGL, barring few exceptions.
  • Work is in progress in S & W Blocks by IGL.
  • Due to digging for laying of pipe line just before the monsoon in S Block, the Residents

Have surely been subjected to inconvenience, as the back lanes deteriorated. Repair and re-plastering of these backlanes shall commence after monsoon and should be Completed by November, 2016 (hopefully).

• Follow up being done with IGL to complete the job, in all blocks, especially S & W, where in the O Dug area has not been compacted well, as per its contract permission letter with MCD.

Jobs in the Pipeline

  1. Installation of open Gym at S-Block Park.
  2. Installation of Rain shelter at S-Block Parks (Near S.D Mandir)
  3. Provision of Speed Barkers in the colony at crossings.
  4. Installation of Signages at strategic Locations
  5. Rain water harvesting (3 locations identified) proposal to be got sponsored or funded by Govt.
  6. Waste Management System
  7. Installation of Bio- Toilet at M-Block (Tikona Park)
  8. Provision of PNG Gas by IGL in S and W- Block (Likely to be completed by September)
  9. Major repair of all back lanes in the colony (To commence after monsoon)
  10. Streamlining of activities for Waste Malba from Residents by Kurewala .
  11. Insertion of pipelines on the divider on main road (in front of Savitri Complex) to discharge rain-water uniformly without accumulation. 12. Boom barriers at strategic locations for safety of residents/ vehicles.


Jobs to be attended to

  1. Office for RWA (Pending since inception of RWA)
  2. Re- opening of Tennis-Court. (With Transparent / Legal System for whole colony and not only for select few).
  3. How to deal with Builders (A growing menace for residents) with disturbance in back lanes.
  4. Encroachment on the main Roads. By vendors (Efforts made but with partial success only).
  5. Traffic Management with schools located within the colony.
  6. To Persue / Persuade Residents to pool in AMC on regular basis to help RWA provide better service.
  7. Membership Dive for new members (after construction of multi — storied houses).
  8. To seek cooperation from Residents to remove undesirable encroachments of corners & payments.
  9. Illegal dumping of Building Materials by a few suppliers in the colony.
  10. Solution from Delhi Jal Board about billing system.
  11. Continuation of fight/petition with the NGT against central verge of W Block.
  12. Remove encroachments from M-Block& other markets of GK2 as well as pavements of the colony.
  13. Removal of Illegal cars parked in GK2 particularly along the wall of Don Bosco school & M-Block market.

There is also a list of shortcomings which we very gracefully accept and we hope that whatever shortcomings have remained within us we will be able to overcome them in the coming weeks.

Thank You

J. N. Mathur

General Secretary GK2WA

Circular No. 024/2015-17