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Dated: February 13, 2017

Circular No. 2015-17/30       

Dear Residents, Greetings of the day

Subject: Slip road to reopen to free up Chirag Dilli intersection

Most of you must have gone through the subject news items printed in THE TIMES OF INDIA news paper dated 13.02.2017 bottom of page no.2

Greater Kailash II Welfare Association wish to clarify as under

  1. This subject was initiated in a meeting with Minister of PWD, organised through MLA, about a few weeks back, wherein a few members of GK2WA were also present.
  2. On the subject of Decongestion (including winding of Flyover and upcoming Metro) of the area, GK2WA suggested to propose re­opening of this subject slip-road. PWD was instructed to study the site, along with members of GK2WA, by the Minister.

The site study was done by Sr. PWD Engineers alongwith a few members of GK2WA and forwarded to other Agencies (Traffic Police and Central Road Research Institute).

  1. Hence the claim of Mr. Chetan Sharma (Printed as Chairman of GK-II Complex RWA’s) is not justified.

In fact there is no legal organisation as GK-I1 Complex RWA’s.

This had been verified through a RTI and the subject was reported/ printed in SAMVADA as well, a few months back.

There is no harm, rather should be welcome by us all, if any one takes up issues for betterment of the colony but the facts should be reported in ethical manner and not fraudently, to gain mileage.


J.N Mathur

(General Secretary)

Greater Kailash II Welfare Association

Circular No. 030/2015-17