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Dated: June 18, 2017

Circular No. 2015-17/39A       

Meeting with Honorable Lieutenant Governor of Delhi.

Minutes of the MEETING

At a request of the GK2 Welfare Association the Honorable Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Mr. Anil Baijal was gracious enough to meet us. The meeting took place at his Official address on Raj Niwas Marg on Wednesday 14th of June 2017. Although the talk centred largely on the four major issues raised in the letter, we were pleasantly surprised that Mr. Baijal had already taken a holistic view of the problems in the colony and had initiated certain decisions for the betterment of the colony.

The minutes of the meeting MOM are as under:

  • A major point of concern in the colony was the likely footfall of the Metro Station coming up in front of Savitri Cinema. Baijal informed us that he had already initiated the design of a clover leaf flyover coming down into GK 2 and connecting the flyover on Chirag Delhi on one side to the flyover at Kalkaji/ Nehru Place crossing. In this way the flow of the traffic coming from Panchsheel side would directly go over Savitri flyover which would also be doubled and leave the narrow causeway into Savitri for GK 2 entry/exit. This would be a great relief at the bottleneck just before Savitri and help considerably in the fast movement of traffic.

We had suggested an underpass at the Chirag Delhi flyover connecting the BRT on both sides of the flyover and also a way out over the forest from W block in front of the Mehta School. Mr. Baijal listened to US very intently but suggested that we should tackle one possibility in the first instance.

  • With regard to the single Metro entry and exit at Savitri Cinema, when we suggested that there could be a possibility of a Skywalk on the side of the metro on both lengths of th6 road from Chirag Delhi to Nehru Place such that the prospective Metro users from GK-3, CR Park, Pamposh Enclave and Alaknanda would have a wider entry and exit floor thus easing the inlet and outlet at Savitri. Mr. Baijal confirnthillhat he had taken up the matter with PWD and metro rail Corporation DMRC and will take up incorporating this idea in the clover leaf design of the flyover.
  • Regarding the issue of the recent spate in car thefts in GK-2 and the overall security management in the colony we were told that he would take up this issue at the highest level so that security in the colony is augmented forthright.

We had suggested the deployment of traffic policemen at the crossing of the road from Savitri and M block market and also of the deployment near the Mother Dairy in M Block Market. We hope this will also be taken care of in the coming days.

  • With regard to the issue of the Central Verge on the road from Savitri Cinema to Alaknanda, the PWD is expected to take up the maintenance of the road and also look into the lack of sufficient lighting on both sides of the road. Since this is a sub-judice matter pending with the National Green Tribunal/ Supreme Court, we hope that the matter would be sorted out at the earliest.
  • With regard to the issue of a large floating population into the market mainly the M Block Market of GK-2 and a heavy continuous intake of vehicular traffic, we were informed that action has already been initiated for setting up of modular parking system which is lift operated and automatic – wherever the space permits in the colony. This way the large number of vehicles scattered on every road and the market can be pushed into a system which is being made operatio.nal throughout Delhi shortly. This would lie a tremendous improvement in our quality of life within the colony.



  • Side by side, we hope the illegal encroachment will be tackled by the concerned authorities.
  • When suggested that there was a lack of quick response force/ facility, in the event of a fire or a major earthquake and that there should be a fire station in the locality, Mr. Baijal was very positive to the idea and said that a study can be made by the concerned Departments to find out the solution for this suggestion.

From our side, we would suggest, as a corollary, that a small fire station be set up in the colony and it should be augmented with a Trauma Centre and linked to one of the major hospitals in the City.

  • Baijal was very clear that the internal security of a Colony has to be the responsibility of the Civil society in terms of better vehicle protection and private security guards who should be responsible and answerable for the task undertaken by them or by their Organisations. We as the Welfare Association and the body of the Residents will have to think of augmenting this area by suggestions from the Residents. One of the proposals is to appoint a responsible Security Agency for making an assessment and submitting an action plan for implementation by us.
  • Baijal clearly indicated that we should take up all of the issues like cleanliness in the colony, pruning of trees, water and sewage problems with the concerned Departments.
  • Last but not the least, we invited the Honourable Lieutenant Governor to visit our Colony, in fact his Colony also as he’s a Resident of GK-2 and he agreed that he would do so in due course of time. The meeting was indeed very pleasant and Mr. Baijal listened to each and every issue that we raised, most patiently and intently.

On behalf of the GK-2 Welfare Association we thanked him profusely for being forthright with our requests.

We are very confident that he will take a lot of interest in our Colony on his own and give us the opportunity to meet with him again.

As an afterthought it dawned upon the two of us that we should also initiate the long pending desire of
the Residents of having an exclusive Club for GK 2 on the lines of Clubs in other South Delhi
Colonfs like Panchsheel Enclave, Panchsheel Park, Gulmohar Park, Friends Colony and Defence Colony.



Ashok Puri                                   Rajiv Kumar

President                                 Vice-President

Circular No. 039A/2015-17