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Circular No. 017A/2015-17 Dated: February 7, 2016

Dear Fellow Residents,

Greetings of the day!

Annual Sports: We are happy to announce that the Annual Sports Day of Greater Kailash-II Welfare Association would be held on Sunday, the 14th February 2016 at K.R. Mangalam World School,

S-Block, Greater Kailash-2, New Delhi-110048 from 9.00 A.M. onwards. The events to be included are as follows:-

EVENTS                                      AGE GROUPS                       Category

1. 30 mtrs. Race                                     Under 6 years                                     Boys & Girls
2. 20 mtrs. Spoon & Lemon Race 6-8 years                                               Boys & Girls
3. 100 mtrs. Race                                  8-10 years                                             Boys & Girls
4. 100 mtrs. Race                                  10-12 years                                           Boys & Girls
5. 100 mtrs. Race                                  12-16 years                                            Boys & Girls
6. 100 mtrs. Race                                  16-30 years                                           Boys & Girls
7. 100 mtrs. Race                                  30 years & above                                Ladies
8. 100 mtrs. Race                                 30-45 years                                           Men
9. 100 mtrs. Race                                 45-60 years                                           Men
10.100 mtrs Race                                 60 years & above                                 Men
11.Shot Put Under                                16 years                                                   Boys & Girs
12.Shot Put                                              16-40 years                                            Boys & Girls
13.Shot Put                                              Above 40 years                                    Ladies & Men
14.Cricket Ball Throw                        70 years & above                                  Men
15.Musical Chairs                                 Above 30 years                                    Ladies & Men
16.Tug of War                                        Open                                                         Boys & Girls combined
17.Carrom                                               Under 14 years                                      Boys & Girls combined
18.Carrom                                               Open above 14 years                          Boys & Girls combined
19.Chess                                                   Under 14 years                                      Boys & Girls combined
20.Chess                                                  Open above 14 years                           Boys & Girls combined

  • There have to be minimum 4 participants in each category.
  • Light refreshment will be served to the participants on the Annual Sports Day.
  • For registration, intending participants should fill up the slip below
  • All Prize Distribution would be at K.R. Mangalam School on 14th Feb., 2016

Sports Committee

Mr. Rajiv Grover, Mr. Ashwani Kapur, Mr. Vineet Gupta, Mr. Vaibhav Kapani, Mr. Pawan Goyal, Ms. Bubbles Khosla, Ms. Kanika Gangahar, Mr Ajay Malhotra, Ms. Sangeeta Kaushik, Mr. Gurkirpal Singh, Ms. Poonam Bhatnagar, Dr Karan Marya


Sanjay Rana                        Samit Arora                        Rakesh Kumar
Chairman                                          Co-chairman                                   Co-chairman
Sports Committee                         Sports Committee                        Sports Committee
E-320, GK-2                                     S-515, GK-2                                      S-32, GK-2

Ashok Puri(President) • Jatinder Mathur(Gen Secretary) • Rajiv Kumar(Vice President) • Vaibhav Kapani(Vice President) • Rajiv Grover(Treasurer) • Indra Arora(Jt. Gen Secy)





I wish to participate in the Annual Sports. My particulars are as under:

Name: ______________________________  Date of birth: ______________ Male/Female:__________________House  No.:_______________________ Tel. No. :__________________

Event(s) in which to participate:








Circular No. 17A/2015-17