Beyond a mere mention in the residents directory, becoming a member of the welfare association is important and essential in the sense that it is a commitment to be a part of the larger Fellowship of the colony and thereby partake in all the welfare activities of the Association.

We would like all residents to become a part of the Association therefore it is important that you become a registered member or a bona fide member by paying a nominal fee. This is also a kind of a census which gives us data about the qualifications, interests and professional background of all the members by which it helps us to co-ordinate welfare activities and also ensure that as many as residents as possible can take part in various activities of the Association. There are well educated, professionally qualified and competent people living in the colony and this data will certainly be of value in organising seminars, conferences, special programs in which we can involve the largest number of residents in these activities.  Complementing this effort,  the Association website will also be an avenue to organise webchats amongst people living in the colony. The web chats and other information on the website will become a kind of a ‘think tank’ facility which will give the residents the opportunity to stay connected, voice their opinions, concerns on various issues affecting  us not only as a colony, but project our thinking and ideas, as a contribution to the larger scheme of the local government in better governance. We can also partake in issues that affect us as citizens of the capital of the country and act as a ‘pressure group’ on bigger issues, as important members of the community, in the larger context of the nation.